What is Psychiatry Telehealth?

Telehealth is one of the most successful telemedicine applications. This technology is the most applied app. in telemedicine due to its simplicity and wide accessibility. The aim of telemental health services is to increase patients’ accessibility to the essential cares in cost-effective ways. This system improves conditions created by inadequate and unfair distribution of mental health services. Mental health programs cause increasing the accessibility to mental health doctors, continuing the care, reducing time waste, saving the cost, and protecting the privacy.

Telehealth is…

Providing the health care services in the world has changed due to the advances in information and communication in the last decade. Telehealth is a new method in health care, diagnosis and treatment which is supported by electronic communication devices. It provides health care in far areas where these services are not provided or provided unfair and inadequately.

What are we serving?

Providing counseling services for far areas, with the aim of preventing unnecessary travel.
Providing counseling in psychiatric emergencies.
Helping the patients under the home care who find it difficult to see a Psychiatrist for a different reasons.
Providing services for the people living in nursing homes.  Providing Telepsychiatry counseling for children.
Providing counseling for prisoners, because it is costly
to transfer them from prison to hospital.
Providing disaster counseling to prevent side effects of
post-traumatic stress disorder